Regina Harris Baiocchi

Like all good elixirs Regina’s poetry reflects a golden ear and platinum pen working in perfect tandem to distill the essence of life. Regina’s poems are pithy pieces of heaven that only a demigoddess can voice.

Gwendolyn Brooks
Late Illinois Poet Laureate
Haiku Festival

penFounded in 2004 by Regina Harris Baiocchi, Haiku Festival celebrates children through poetry, while promoting literacy. Activities include poetry readings, workshops and special events:

  1. Poets ages 8 to 14 earn cash awards
  2. Workshops for children and adults
  3. Poetry readings

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haiku-festivalHaiku Festival 10th Anniversary Anthology

Praise for Haiku Festival’s Anthology:
“I am honored to introduce the world to a new generation of poets. Rooted in tradition, poets ages 8 to 14, give wings and new direction to the poetic form known as haiku. A wide array of topics are explored through innocent, inventive lenses. Sankofa-inspired respect for haiku past, present and future lingers long after these precious gems are read. This volume represents 10 years of young minds coming together to celebrate and expand the haiku mind.”

Prof. Sonia Sanchez
Author of morning haiku

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