Regina Harris Baiocchi

In her solo piano music, Azuretta, Regina Baiocchi honors her late beloved mentor, Dr. Hale Smith, in her words of dedication and their shared talent for writing richly beautiful piano music, rooted in tradition and innovation.

Dr. Jodi Gandolfi
Instrumental Music


ABC Title
African HandsI. MuseII. MbiraIII Ogé Concerto for Hand Drummer: ashiko, bata, conga, djembe, Orchestra: Double Winds, Recorder, Percussion, Strings 16 min. 1997 Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra,
Maestra Marsha Mabrey Ruben Alvarez, Drummer
After the Rain Soprano Sax, Piano, Bass, Percussion, Kit (Bossa Nova) 4 min. 1994 Matthew Arau, sax, Susaami Ensemble, HWLC Chicago
Autumn Night Alto flute 3 min. 1991 Darryl Pleasant, Chicago
Azurettapdficon Piano 5 min. 2000 Dr. Jamie Hagedorn, Chicago
Chasé B-flat Clarinet, Piano 4 min. 1978 Richard Nunley, Jr., Ester Hanviriyapunt, Chicago
CommunionI. CanonII. IzatIII. Ion 5-octave Marimba, strings, 5-Octave Marimba, Piano 15 min. 1999 Dr. Jimmy Finnie, Indiana State I. University Faculty Strings Dr. Jamie Hagedorn, Piano
DeborahI. JaelII. Rwanda’s PrayerIII. Percussing up a Storm! Percussion, Piano 15 min. 1994 Prof. Johnny Lee Lane, Dr. David Hobbs, Eastern Illinois University
Déjà Vu Solo piano 4 min. 1999 Dr. Jamie Hagedorn, Chicago
Doxology[*American Guild of Organists Recording]pdficon Organ 4 min. 2011-12 Thomas Weisflog, Rockefeller Chapel; Dr. Anthony Williams* Madonna Della Strada Chapel; Loyola; Campbell McNeal, Church of the Good Shepherd
Equipoise by Intersection Piano 10 min. 1995 Dr. Helen Walker Hill, Hildegard Publications Kaleidoscope CD , Leonardo Records, Ester Hanviriyapunt, Chicago
Feathers, Bowtiesi. [untitled]ii. floating featheriii. poco a poco B-flat Clarinet, Percussion, Cello, Piano 4 min. 2009 Commissioned by CUBE Ensemble: WFMT-FM
Gullah Ghost Dances

I. Cat Walking

II. Affirmations

III. Drumming!

Cello, Percussion, Piano 13 min. 2015 Anonymous Commission
HB4A Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax 10 min. 2000 Susaami Ensemble, St. Elizabeth Seton, Naperville, IL, Chicago
Karibupdficon B-flat Clarinet 2.5 min. 2007 Pamela Coats, Kidstuff CD, Chicago
Legacy Piano 2 min. 1992 Susaami Ensemble, Chicago
Liszten, My Husband is Not a Hat! Piano 7 min. 1994, 2009 Dr. Jamie Hagedorn, Chicago
Miles Per Hour B-flat or C Trumpet 6 min. 1990 Chicago Symphony Orchestra: George Vosberg
Muse Orchestra: Double winds, Percussion, Strings 6 min. 1997 Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Leslie Dunner
Orchestral SuiteI. Against the ODSII. Mother to NiqueIII. Thunder! Double winds, Percussion, Strings, Poetry 12 min. 1992 Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Leslie Dunner, Southeast Symphony, LA
QFXI. March of the Impotent AntsII. Bosnia’s TearIII. Brass Tacks Brass Quintet:: C-Trumpets, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba 11 min. 1993 Chicago Brass Quinter, Milwaukee Brass Quintet
Sketches for PianoTrioI. Sketches for the 9th PhiladelphiaII. Miriam’s MuseIII. Puerto Rican Songs

IV. Pentasketch

Violin, Cello, Piano 15 min. 1992 Commissioned by St. Mary’s Episcopal
Realizations String Quartet 5 min. 1978 CMC Strings, Chicago
Skins 2 Hand drums, 1 Percussionist 12 min. 1997 Susaami Ensemble, Chicago


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