Regina Harris Baiocchi

Artistic integrity permeates Regina Harris Baiocchi’s music, poetry and prose. There’s warmth, intelligence, honesty and compassion that touch our very depths. In all the works Regina has created, I’ve felt richly rewarded to experience the world through her eyes, ears and heart.

Marilyn Harris
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Music by Regina Harris Baiocchi is available on these CDs. Recordings by Regina Harris Baiocchi, exclusively, include: Hammers, Pipes & Strings, 2022, Percussing up a Storm, 2018, Kidstuff, 2007

Hammers, Pipes & Strings     
Track 1 Listen

Track 2  Listen

 Track 3 Listen

 Track 4 Listen

 Track 5 Listen

 Track 6 Listen

 Track 7 Listen

 Track 8 Listen

 Track 9 Listen

 Track 10 Listen

 Track 11 Listen

 Track 12 Listen

 Track 13 Listen

 Track 14 Listen

 Track 15 Listen

Kidstuff (Susaami Records)   Buy Now
1. Rabbit Song Listen

2. Foster Pet Listen

3. Shadows Listen

4. Karibu (“Welcome”) Listen

5. God is Mighty Listen

6. Legends (John Henry) Listen

7. Foster Pet (Instrumental) Listen

8. Shadows (Instrumental) Listen

9. God is Mighty (Instrumental) Listen

10. Rabbit Song (Instrumental) Listen

Kaleidoscope (Leonarda Records)   Buy Now
Soul of a Singer (Robert Sims)   Buy Now
1. LEGENDS (John Henry) Regina Harris Baiocchi  Listen

Includes 6-song cycle, e. e. cummings songbook by Regina Harris Baiocchi    
unto thee i burn (Centaur Records)   Buy Now
Regina Harris Baiocchi Live    
Regina Harris Baiocchi Live!    
1. Dream Weaver (voice alto sax, piano) Listen

2. Liszten, my Husband is Not a Hat! (piano) Listen

3. Orchestral Suite Listen

4. Muse (orchestra) Listen

5. Koan #1 (voice flute, percussion, piano) Listen

6. Ask Him (voice, piano, bass, drums) Listen

7. Cycles (vce, pf, bs, dr) Listen

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