Regina Harris Baiocchi
¬†Artistic integrity permeates Regina Harris Baiocchi‘s music, poetry and prose. There’s warmth, intelligence, honesty and compassion that touch our very depths. In all the works Regina has created, I’ve felt richly rewarded to experience the world through her eyes, ears and heart.
Marilyn Harris
Press Clips

Regina Harris Baiocchi‘s “terrific work deserves to be heard again and again. Her exquisite body of work is filled with classy music.”

Howard Reich
Tribune Arts Critic
Chicago Tribune


Regina Harris Baiocchi‘s Orchestral Suite is a fine, three-movement mix of anti-war fanfare: ‘Against the ODS,’ a poignant lullaby: ‘Mother to Nique’ and climactic ending: ‘Thunder!’ Maestro Leslie Dunner lead Detroit Symphony Orchestra in an exciting concert…”

Nancy Malitz
New Music Critic
The Detroit News


In African Hands [hand drum concerto] by Regina Harris Baiocchi the [ashiko, bata, conga and djembe] drums easily cut through the orchestra, providing sage and dignified utterances. Baiocchi’s finely-wrought orchestral music has an aggressive edge and delicately lyric passages. This all-too-brief work was successfully executed ¬†by percussionist Ruben Alvarez.”

Gavin Borchert
World Music Critic
Seattle Weekly


Regina Harris Baiocchi‘s African Hands concerto demonstrates the composer’s strong spiritual connection with her ancestral Motherland, yet it is truly American.”

Sforzando Magazine


“The opera, No One’s Child, by Regina Harris Baiocchi is a wonderfully-engaging, universal libretto and beautiful music from a native Chicagoan.”

Bob Herguth
Features Reporter
Chicago Sun-Times


Regina Harris Baiocchi is a classy composer, author and poet whose wide range of artistic pastiche comes straight from her heart.”

Ted Shen
Chicago Reader

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