Regina Harris Baiocchi


Artistic integrity permeates Regina Harris Baiocchi‘s music, poetry and prose. There’s warmth, intelligence, honesty and compassion that touch our very depths. In all the works Regina has created, I’ve felt richly rewarded to experience the world through her eyes, ears and heart.

Marilyn Harris
Professor Fielder

prof-william-butlerProfessor William Butler Fielder (1938-2009) was the first trumpet player in history to perform Jazz and classical music at their highest levels yet. “Prof” (as he was fondly known) was a pioneer who showed this could be done, yet few have achieved this feat. His brilliant list of students are at the helm of many major universities, hold first chair in major symphony orchestras worldwide, and are members and headliners of the world’s greatest bands. Always striving for perfection Fielder taught his students, “You may be gratified, but never satisfied.”

Prof’s protégés include Thara Memory (Esperanza Spalding’s music director), Wynton Marsalis, Terence Blanchard, Michael Adams, Danny Harper, Leon Richard , George Shaw, Jessie Robinson, Travis Heath and many others.

Even though I abandoned trumpet to concentrate on writing music and words, Prof never abandoned me. Until he passed, Prof encouraged me to resume playing trumpet. He was convinced there was a prodigy inside me longing to emerge. Prof taught me how to listen attentively, to practice intently, and love deeply.

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