Regina Harris Baiocchi

Basing her text on Psalm 30:5, Regina Baiocchi uses her unique voice as poet and composer to bring past and present together in a profoundly beautiful song of consolation and hope, “Hold Out for Joy” from her opera, Gbeldahoven: No one’s Child.

Dr. Jodi Gandolfi
Vocal Music


Ask Him Voice, Piano, Bass, Drums 4 min. 1999 Harold Washington Library (HWL), Chicago
B’Shuv Adonai Voice, Violin, Piano, Percussion 4 min. 1998 Ravinia Music Festival
Belize Voice, Alto Sax, Jazz Combo 5 min. 2001 HWL
Best Friends Vocal Duet, Piano 3 min. 1993 Chicago
Black Voices Rapper, Medium Voice, Piano, Drums 9 min. 1992 KAM Temple, Chicago
Bwana’s Libation
4 movements: I. Ancestors’ Medley, II. First Fruits, III. Legends (John Henry, Work Song), IV. Say No! to Guns
African Dancers, Medium Voice, Bass, Percussion 20 min. 1992 Blackburn Dancers; Joel Hall Dancers, Chicago, HWL
Crystal Stair Vocal Duet, Piano 3 min. 1992 Anointed Voices: Ganz Hall at Roosevelt University, Chicago
Cycles Voice, Piano, Bass, Drums 15 min. 1994 Ravinia Festival
Dream Weaver Voice, Alto sax, Piano, Bass, Drums 5 min. 1997 Susan Warmington, Matana Roberts, Ester Hana, HWL
Dreamhoppers Drama: 1 act, 7 characters 30 min. 1986, 1987 Susaami Players, HWL
Father, We Thank You SATB, piano
Foster Pet Voice, Oboe, Piano, Percussion 5 min. 1991 Music for Children, Chicago
Friday Night [Voice], Trumpet, Alto sax, Rhythm 5 min. 1995 Susaami Ensemble, Chicago
Freedom Serenade Voice, Piano 4 min. 2001 Elsa Harris, Harold Washington Library (HWL)
Gbeldahoven: No One’s Child Opera: 1 act, 7 characters, 2 Poems, 1 Dance Scene, 13 Arias: 1 hour 1996 Art Institute of Chicago, HWL
Title: Role:      
1. Servant’s Musing Female Servant (m)      
2. But for the Grace of God Langston (b)      
3. How it feels to be Colored Me Zora (s)      
4. I am Not Tragically Colored Zora (soprano)      
5. Hell hath no Fury! Godmother’s Lesson [Recitative] Godmother (s)      
6. The Mason Room Langston (b)      
7. Litany of Superstitions Zora, Langston, Louise      
8. Louise’s Prayer Louise (a), Langston (b)      
9. Ain’t Nobody’s Child SATB Chorus/Cast      
10. Friday Night Louise (a)      
11. Hold out for Joy Radio Voice/SATB chorus      
12. Hughes Man Langston (b)      
13. Negro Pride Alain (t)      
14. Inside and Out Louise (Poem: spoken)      
15. Good News Falls Gently Narrator, 3-5 dancers      
God is Mighty Voice(s),Piano 2.5 min. 1998, 2007 Kidstuff CD, Chicago
I Hear Voices
3-mvmt Gospel Suite: I. Sometimes I Hear Voices,
II. Peace Work, III. Ain’t Through with Me yet
SAT, Piano 6 min. 2001 Lucretia Jackson, Elsa Harris, Richard Nunley, Jr., HWL
I’ve Got A Mother [SATB] Solo Voice, Piano 2.3 min. 1980 Chicago
Koan #1 Voice, Flute, Piano, Percussion 4 min. 2001 HWL
Litany of Saints SATB, Optional Rhythm 8 min. 2000 St. Elizabeth Seton, Naperville, IL
Lovers and Friends Voice, Piano, Bass, Drums 4 min. 1999 HWL
Message to My Muse Voice, Piano, Optional Rhythm 2 min. 1997 Ravinia Festival
Much in Common Treble Voices: Duet, Piano 2 min. 1993 Pittsburgh
Psalm for Cat Voice, Bass, Alto Sax 5 min. 1999 Bobbi Wilsyn, HWL
Send Your Gifts Soloist, SATB, Piano 2.5 min.
Shadows Voice, Bassoon, Piano, Percussion 3 min. 1992 Susaami Ensemble, Chicago
Three Questions Voice, Violin, Piano, Percussion 3 min. 1998 Ravinia Festival
Watoto’s Kwanzaa Voice, Percussion 3 min. 1998-99 HWL
Who Will Claim the Baby? SATB, Piano (Christmas Carol) 3.5 min. 1980 St. Elizabeth Choir


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