Regina Harris Baiocchi

Regina Harris Baiocchi is a Renaissance woman who weds music and words seamlessly. An accomplished composer, author and poet–Regina teaches without preaching, kneading and pleading her poetic case for Jazz, wrapped as haiku gifts. Her Jazz Haiku opus is an artistic triptych of poetic music, and musical poetry. Hitch your heart to this haiku-music-drama and enjoy the rid

Professor Sonia Sanchez
Author of morning haiku
Writing Samples
  1. rain dust on my pane
  2. next to reflections of you
  3. and the setting sun
  4. rivers of black birds
  5. alight on fresh crocus beds
  6. roosting into spring
  7. dirty fingers comp
  8. Big John Patton stomps Blue Jazz
  9. B-3 vitamin


why I love sushi

last year I died and came back with Betty Carter’s pipes,
Eartha Kitt’s curves and Nina Simone’s piano chops.
after 300 perfect days of pure artistic hedonism
a devilish trickster conned me with an elixir
that erased my shadow and forced me
to awaken with
past perfect pitch,
braided vocal cords &
bamboo chopsticks–
instead of fingers

© 2015, RHB


my past lives were spent as
a hummingbird
an attorney
a slave
and an
—not a
tilde, flesh owner
plaintiff, defendant
or bumblebee
but side-by-side, identical
twin dots:
gracing pages by crowning vowels.
my favorite resting place—just above


© 2015, RHB



he couldn’t be Rasta if he drank it
she dreams in retrograde

he has a penchant for trashy women
she had a cat who wouldn’t die till it heard
Ella and Satchmo

she declared that face cards have no feelings
he renamed devilled eggs angel eggs

she wears patchouli instead of underwear
he makes love in his stocking feet

she shut down her mind for the holidays
he bench pressed a lifetime of dysfunctions

she got lost in her radio persona
he blended the sun into a frozen daiquiri

he never casts a shadow
she dreams as penance

she wrote a symphony that held the audience hostage
he said nuclear war is a global shootout in a phone booth

© 2015, RHB


suspended between Ella
and a Blues-who phrase
your pre-incarnation

streams from a six-floor
walkup: saxophone smooth:
easy as ivories being softly

hammered into the wind of
our neighbor’s front-room
parlor in a Paris autumn

© 2015, RHB

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