Regina Harris Baiocchi is a holistic composer whose compositions span genres and media, including blues (HB4A), chamber (Piano Poems), choral music (Nourish), concert music (African Hands: hand drum concerto), gospel (Deliverance; I Hear Voices), opera (No One’s Child), and her tour de force #BlackLivesMatter jazz homage (Farafina). Of Regina’s 100 compositions, many were commissioned.

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon

#2020: i. global smudging, ii. after the last word, iii. 8:46, iv. unity, oboe d’amore, 7’, 2020, commissionedby Alicia Cordoba Tait

Autumn Night: alto flute 3’, 1991

Chassé: b-flat clarinet, piano, 4’, 1978

Feathers & Bowties: clarinet, percussion, piano, cello, 4.5’, 2018, commissioned by CUBE for their WFMT Radio concert tribute to Hale Smith

Foster Pet: voice, piano, oboe, percussion, 5’, 1991, commissioned by Mostly Music, Inc., Joyce Turner Hilkevitch

Karibu: B-flat [or other] clarinets, 2.5’, 2007, In memoriam: Elgie Harris, Sr.

Praise Dance: alto fl, 2.5’, 2017, Nathalie Joachim premiered, Sherwood: Columbia College

Resilience: Ancestral Refrain, bass oboe, 2’, 2021, commissioned by Alex Klein, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Principal Oboe, Calgary Philharmonic Principal Oboe

Shadows: vce, bsn, pf, perc, 3’, 1992, commissionedby Mostly Music, JT Hilkevitch

Snakeskin Shoes, oboe d’amore, 3.45’, 2020, commissionedby Alicia Cordoba Tait

“Regina’s Karibu for clarinet is music that speaks to the Soul—John Bruce Ye, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba

Blues for Melba, trombone, 2.17’, 2021, for Melba Liston tribute

Miles Per Hour: trumpet solo or duet, 6’, 1990, commissioned by American Women Composers Midwest, premiered by George Vosburgh, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, performed by Jim Wilt, Los Angeles Philharmonic, David Koch, et al.

Nilisikia Sauti Kubwa (I Heard A Voice): voice, trumpet, percussion, piano, 4’, 2015, commissioned as part of Evanston Township High School’s sesquicentennial

Pastiche: brass quintet, 3.5’, 2021: commissioned by Gaudete Brass Quintet, premiered by GBQ at 2021 Chicago Ear Taxi Festival, performed by Northern Illinois University (NIU) Graduate Student Brass Ensemble, et al.

QFX: I. March of Impotent Ants, II. Bosnia’s Tear, III. Brass Tacks, brass quintet, 11’, 1993, commissioned by Lillian Brulc for the opening of her visual art exhibition, Storms of War, Dreams of Peace: premiered by Chicago Brass Quintet, performed by Milwaukee Brass Quintet, US Army Band, NIU Faculty Brass Ensemble, et al.

Percussion, Orchestra, Strings

African Hands: concerto for ashiko, batá, conga, djembe I. Muse, II. Mbira, III. Ogé, 16’, 1997, commissioned by National Endowment for the Arts Regional Grant. Instrumentation: soloist, 3222, 43311, timpani, percussion, strings, premiered by Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, Marsha Mabrey, conductor.

Communion: I. Canon, II. Izat, III. Ion: marimba, strings [pf. reduction] 15’, 1999 commissioned by visual artist Lillian Brulc to debut her Communion of Saints mural, St, Elizabeth Seton Church, Naperville, IL, premiere: Quan Choi, m, Roosevelt University’s CCPA Strings; performed by Jimmy Finnie, m, Jamie Hagedorn, pf; Greg Beyer, m, Avalon String Quartet + bass

Deborah: I. Jael, II. Rwanda’s Prayer, III. Percussing up a Storm: percussion, piano, 15’, 1994, commissioned by visual artist Lillian Brulc for opening of Chicago’s Courtyard Gallery, 5401 South Cornell (co-founded by  Regina Harris Baiocchi and Cy Maus)

Gullah Ghost Drumming: hand drum choir, 5’, 2017, premiere Harold Washington Library, premiered: Susaami Ensemble: Michael Adams, Craig Williams, Eddie Mason, Don Skoog, Carlos Pride, Coco Elysses, Phil Varnado, performed by ISU Percussion Ensemble, Jimmy Finnie, NIU Perc. Ens., Greg Beyer, et al.

Kaleidoscope: (née Realizations) i. realizations (5.5’), ii. mirrors (4’), iii. confetti (edit-in-progress): string quartet, 2020, premiered Ganz Hall CMC String Quartet: 1978, performed by Connoisseur Musica, Ganz Hall: circa 1990, 5thWave String Quartet, Ganz Hall: May 2022

Muse for Orchestra, 6’, 1997, Detroit Symphony at Orchestra Hall, Leslie Dunner, cond., instrumentation: 3222, 4331, timpani, percussion, strings

Orchestral Suite: I. Against the ODS, II. Mother to Nique, III. Thunder, 12’, 1992, Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall, Leslie Dunner, cond., inst.: 3222, 43311, timpani, perc., strings, Southeast Symphony Orch., Los Angeles, John Bradley, cond.

Sketches for Piano Trio: I. Sketches, II. Miriam’s Muse, III. Variations on 2 Puerto Rican Folk Songs, IV. Pentasketch, 15’, 1992, commissioned Anonymously, premiered 1992, Ganz Hall: Lori Ashikawa, vln, Beth Anderson, cello, Jane Kenas-Heller, pf, performed by The Lincoln Trio: Marta Aznavoorian, piano, Desirée Ruhstrat violin, David Cunliffe, cello

Piano, Organ

Alaffia: solo piano, 2.5’, 2017, In memoriam: Ann Elizabeth Ward, pianist, composer+ and Samuel A. Floyd, founder, Center for Black Music Research, scholar, premiered: Thomas Jefferson, Sherwood Hall, Columbia College Chicago

Azuretta: solo piano, 5’, 2000, In Memoriam: Hale Smith, premiered: Ester Hana, Sherwood, CCC, recorded by Samantha Ege on Hammers, Pipes & Strings, 2022, University of Oxford, Jessica Johnson, UW Madison, NY premiere: Kathleen Supové, Brooklyn Barge Music, 4 September 2021, et al.

Deliverance: solo piano, 4.5’, 2021, dedicated to First Church of Deliverance in Chicago’s Bronzeville, commissioned by Access Contemporary Music for PBS series “Songs About Buildings & Moods,” recorded, premiered by Thomas Jefferson, Nevermore Theatre, Chicago, performed by Richard Nunley: St. Thomas Episcopal, Dett Club’s Black History Month Concert, 2023; Prof. Elsa Harris, CCC Sherwood, the Green Mill Lounge, 2023

Déjà Vu: solo piano, 4’, 1999, composer’s realization of Ask Him: jazz lead sheet realized for classical pianists, premiered by Jamie Hagedorn, HWLC

Doxology: pipe organ, 4’ 2011, commissioned Anonymously, premiere: Thomas Weisflog, Rockefeller Chapel, U Chicago: Tea & Pipes Concert Series; Dr. Anthony Williams, American Guild of Organists: Madonna della Strada, Loyola U,
Chicago; Campbell McNeal, Church of the Good Shepherd, Wil Smith, Denver, CO, Meghann Wilhoite, UC Berkeley’s Noon Concert Series

Equipoise by Intersection: piano étude number 1 & 2; 2’, 1978, 1995, inspired by Paula McHugh’s Poem, origin of its title, published in Black Women Composers: A Century of Piano Music (1893-199o), Hildegard Publishing Company, Helen Walker-Hill, editor, recorded by Helen Walker-Hill: Kaleidoscope CD, Leonarda Records, 1997

Hummingbird Dialogue: two pianos, I. Deborah & Jael, II. Time for Prayer, III. Face to Face, ~9’, 2019, arr. of composer’s Deborah orig. for multi-percuss. and piano

Jazzed Up Circumstance: solo piano, 2.5’, 1992, commissioned by St Elizabeth School (composer’s elem. school alma mater: Chicago’s oldest Black Catholic school’s 8th grade graduation), dedicated to composer’s nieces, Nique & Pebbles (Aminah Hanan, Lanzie Howard)

Liszten, my Husband is not a Hat: solo piano, 7’, 1994, inspired by Franz Liszt, and Dr. Oliver Sachs’ The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales

Piano Broadsides: solo piano, i. a poet is not a juke box, ii. nocturne for zasha, iii. Shape of the invisible, 8.5’, 2023, dedicated to and commissioned by Chelsea Randall, musical translation of Dudley Randall’s poetry

Piano Poems: i. common things, ii. cockleburs in wooly hair, iii. beatitudes, iv. candle burns time, 11’, 2020, commissioned, recorded by Sarah Cahill for The Future is Female, Vol. 3, 2023, inspired by poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks, Richard Wright, and the composer’s beatitudes

Tightrope: piano étude number 3, 2.5’, 2020, recorded by Marianne Parker: Hammers, Pipes & Strings, 2022

We Real Cool: piano étude number 4, 2.5’, 2020, recorded by Jodi Gandolfi: Hammers, Pipes & Strings, 2022

Art Songs: Poetry Set to Music

3Love Lyrics: voice, piano [guitar]: 1. Love Lyric, 2. Haiku-47, 3. Best Friends, 10’, 2008

Best Friends: vocal duet: med. vces, pf, 3’, 1993

Crystal Stair: treble/bass vces, pf, 3’, 1992, setting of Langston Hughes’ Mother to Son, Anointed Voices: James & Vita Harris, b, a, Jukube Felton, pf, Ganz Hall

Darryl’s Rose: vce(s), pf, 5’, 1995, St. Thomas Apostle Children’s Choir

e. e. cummings songs: high vce, pf: i-little word, ii-brain gesture, iii-imagine, iv-house wind, v-love crumbs, vi-i carry you in my heart, 10’, 2009, commissioned, recorded by Eileen Strempel, vce: unto thee i burn CD, Sylvie Beaudette, pf

Freedom Serenade: vce, pf (lead sheet), 4’, 2001

Honey Air: haiku for vce, pf, 1.5’, 2013, premiered by Richard Nunley, b, Ester Hana, pf, Ganz Hall, 2013, Takesha Meshé Kizart-Thomas, s, Ganz Hall, 2018

I Want to Un-Die You: high vce, pf, 4.5’, 2022, commissioned by Louise Toppin, setting of NC Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green’s poetry, premiered 2022: Duke University’s Black Music Lab

Incantation: med. vce, pf (lead sheet), 2’, 2018, premiered by Takesha Meshé Kizart-Thomas, s, Ester Hana, pf, Ganz Hall

Legacy: vce, pf, 2’, 1992, commissioned by Mostly Music, Inc., premiered by Roberta Thomas, vce, Ester Hana, pf, Ganz Hall

Love Song: high vce, pf, 4.5’, 2022, commissioned Anonymously, premiered by Rae-Myra Hilliard, s, Marta Johnson, pf, Harold Washington Library, “Poetry Set to Music”

Message to my Muse: vce, pf, 2’, 1997, premiered by Michael Adams, b, Ester Hana, pf, Ravinia Festival’s Music Illumination Outreach Program

Much in Common: duet, pf, 2’, 1993, premiered by Sandra Davis, s, Alyce Claerbaut, s, Northeastern Illinois University

Sweet Baby: vce, pf, 5’, 2021, commissioned by Anima Mundi Productions for “We Cannot Walk Alone Project,” premiered by Takesha Meshé Kizart-Thomas, s

Voices of Patriots: vce, pf: 1. Nightmare, 2, Nightmare II, 3. Dixiecrats, 4. Creed, 5. Birth Defects, 6. Homecoming, 17.5’, 2021, commissioned by and for mezzo Samantha Williams’ one-woman show

Art Songs, children’s music (cm), et al.

Black Voices: rapper, vce, pf, bass, drums, 9’, 1992, (cm), commissioned by Mostly Music, Inc., Joyce Turner Hilkevitch, premiered by Tongue Twister, r, Ester Hana, pf, Mike D., b, Michael Adams, dr, composer, alto, South Shore Cultural Center

B’Shuv Adonai: vce, vln, pf, perc, 4’, 1998, (cm, Hanukkah) Ravinia Festival Music Illumination Outreach Program, Jean-Marie Minton, s, Laura Hoffman, pf, Doug Brush and Michael Adams, perc.

Foster Pet: vce, pf, oboe, percuss, 5’, 1991, (cm), commissioned by Mostly Music, Inc., JT Hilkevitch, Roberta Thomas, m, June Matayoski, ob, Don Skoog, perc., RU Ganz

Koan #1: vce(s), flute, percussion, pf, 4’, 2001, Lucretia Jackson, s, Richard Nunley, b, John Goldman, fl, Don Skoog, perc, Ann Ward, pf, RU Ganz Hall

Landscapes: vce, vla, piano, 7.5’, 2021, commissioned by Megan Ihnen, premiered by Megan Ihnen, m, Michael Hall, vla, Marianne Parker, pf, 2021 Ear Taxi Festival, Epiphany Center for the Arts, recorded: Megan Ihnen Currents in Time CD, Parma Records 2022

Libation: 1. Ancestors’ Medley, 2. First Fruits, 3. Legends: John Henry, 4. Say No! to Guns, ballet: vce, pf, bass, perc., 20’, commissioned by Mostly Music, Inc., Joyce Turner Hilkevitch, premiered by Darlene Blackburn Dancers: Blackburn, choreographer at Harold Washington Library Center, performed by Joel Hall Dancers: Vanessa
Truvillion, choreographer, at HWLC (née Bwana’s Libation)

Nilisikia Sauti Kubwa (I Heard A Voice): vce/SATB, tpt, perc, pf, 4’, 2015 commissioned by Evanston Township High School for its Sesquicentennial

Rattenfalle (Rat Trap): septet: fl, b-flat cl, perc, pf, vln, cello, 3.5’, 2022, commissioned by Access Contemporary Music (ACM) for its 17th Annual Sounds Of Silent Film Festival, comedic film by Win Brooks, In memoriam: Dorothy Rudd Moore, premiered at Music Box Theatre, Chicago, by ACM Ensemble

Say Something: vces, piano, perc, 3.5’, 2022, composer’s arrangement of “Say No! to Guns” from Libation, for Jazz Institute of Chicago recorded, 1st Presbyterian Church

Shadows: vce, pf, bsn, perc, 3’, 1992, (cm), commissioned by Mostly Music, Inc., JT Hilkevitch, Roberta Thomas, m, Ester Hana, pf, Joe Urbinato, bsn, Don Skoog, perc., KAM Isaiah Temple, Chicago

Three Questions: vce, vln, pf, perc, 3’, (cm), 1998, commissioned by Ravinia Festival Music Illumination Outreach Program, Jean-Marie Minton, s, Terence Gray, vln, Laura Hoffman, pf, Michael Adams and Doug Brush, perc.

Watoto’s Kwanzaa: vce, perc, 3’, (cm) 1998-99, commissioned by Ravinia Festival Music Illumination Outreach Program, Michael Adams, b, Doug Brush, perc.

Wild Onion Suite: 1. Bronzeville Blues, 2. Mother Gives me Water, 3. Capriccio, 4. Wash-belly Baby, 5. Lifting as They Climb: vce, fl, vln, trb, harpsichord, perc., 18’, 2018 commissioned by The Bach and Beethoven Experience (BBE), performed at Loyola Park, Armour Square Park, and Den Theatre BBE Ensemble


Journey: s, a: divisi, piano, 2.5’, 2020, commissioned by Arlington, VA, Technical School, premiered on Zoom: ATS Choir yearend program

Nourish: cento for SATB, piano, 5’, 2022, commissioned by Latin School of Chicago, performed at their spring concert

Our Time: voice(s), piano, 3-6’, 2022, commissioned by Latin School of Chicago, performed at their spring concert

Sistas Switching: SSAA, piano, 3.5’, 2023 commissioned by Artemis Singers [watch 2023 Sister Singers Network Choral Festival in Cincinnati, OH]

Things Change: s, a: divisi, piano, 3’, 2020, commissioned by Arlington, VA, Technical School, premiered on Zoom: ATS Choir yearend program

Sacred Music

Congregational Mass: SATB and/or unison, piano, 53-60’, 2011, 10 mass ordinaries:

1. Doxology: pipe organ, 2. Kyrie: Lord, have mercy, 3. Gloria: Glory to God in the highest, 4. Psalm 23 : The Lord is my Shepherd, 5. Alleluia: A, B, or C, 6. Credo (Nicene) I believe, 7. Mystery of Faith: A, B, C, or D, 8. Lord’s Prayer: Our Father, 9. Sanctus: Holy, holy, holy, 10. Peace be with You , 11. Agnus Dei: Lamb of God, 12. Caint See to Caint See (spiritual)

Father, We Thank You: SATB a cappella, 6’, 2018, In memoriam: Bishop Dominic Carmon, SVD, former pastor St. Elizabeth Church

God is Mighty: vce(s), piano (lead sheet), 2.5’, (cm), 1998, 2007, commissioned by Ravinia Festival Music Illumination Program, premiered at Bennett-Gordon Hall, Harris Singers recorded on Kidstuff CD

(Sometimes) I Hear Voices: I. I Hear Voices, II. Peacework, III. Ain’t Thru with Me Yet, SATB, piano gospel suite, 6’, 2001, Susaami Ensemble premiered at HWLC Chicago, performed 2019 by Choir of St. David Episcopal, Baltimore: Douglas Buchanan, cond., Keith Hampton Singers: Grace Episcopal Church, Chicago, 2020

I’ve Got A Mother & Father: a cappella, 2.5’, 1980: Roberta Thomas, Ganz Hall, 2018: Felicia Patton, Sherwood Hall

Litany (of the Saints): SATB or Call/Response a cappella, 8’, 2000, commissioned by visual artist Lillian Brulc for the unveiling of her mural, “Communion of Saints,” St. Elizabeth Church. C/R: Roberta Thomas/congregation

Psalm 23: baritone, piano, 4’, 2011, for commissioned and premiered by Richard Nunley, Jr., Holy Family Church Chicago, In memoriam: Lanzie Harris

Send Your Gifts: SATB opt. pf, 3.5’, 1980, 2018, Offertory Introit sung within a mass, for St. Elizabeth Church Choir, Bronzeville, Regina Harris Baiocchi, dir

Who Will Claim the Baby?: SATB, piano, Christmas Carol, 4’, 1984, 2015, for St. Elizabeth Church Choir, Bronzeville, Regina Harris Baiocchi, director


After the Rain: bossa nova lead sheet, soprano sax, pf, b, dr, percussion, 7’, 1994, premiere Matthew Arau, sax, Ester Hana, pf, Mike D., b, Michael Adams, dr, Don Skoog, marimba, Craig Williams, maracas, Phil Varnado and Eddie Mason, hand drums, Harold Washington Library Auditorium (HWLC)

Ask Him: ballad lead sheet, vce, pf, b, dr, optional: tpt, sax, 4’, 1999, Roberta Thomas, vce, Ester Hana, p, Ben Willis, b, Michael Adams, d, RHB alumna recital: Ganz Hall

Belize: bossa nova lead sheet, vce, pf, b, drums, opt: sax, tpt, 4-6’, 2001, Ann Ward, vce, pf, Harrison Bankhead, b, Michael Adams, d, Chad McCullough, tpt, John Goldman, sax, RHB alumna recital: Ganz Hall

Cycles: ballad lead sheet: vce, pf, b, dr, opt: tpt, sax, 3-5’, 1998, Roberta Thomas, vce, Ester Hana, p, Ben Willis, b, Michael Adams, dr, CCC Sherwood Auditorium

Dream Weaver: salsa: vce, alto or tenor sax, pf, b, dr, 5’, 1997, Susan Warmington, vce, Matana Roberts, tenor sax, Ester Hana, pf, Ben Willis, Michael Adams, dr, HotHouse Chicago

Farafina: voice, jazz quintet (pf, b, dr, tpt, sax), perc (marimba, vibes, congas), et al. arr., 8-10’, 2016-2022, composer’s tour de force #BlackLivesMatter homage premiered by Sankara Harouna, vce, Ester Hana, pf, Harrison Bankhead, b, Michael Adams, dr, Chad McCullough, tpt, Eddie Mason, perc, Sherwood Auditorium, February 2016

Friday Night: vce, pf, bass, dr, opt: tpt, sax, 5’, 1995, ballad gives way to an upbeat story that traces the history of African American music, premiered by Bobbi Wilsyn, vce, Steven Million, pf, Jack Zara, b, Michael Adams, dr, HWLC

Lovers & Friends: waltz: voice, piano, bass, drums, opt: tpt, sax, 4’, 1999, Roberta Thomas, vce, Ester Hana, pf, Ben Willis, b, Michael Adams, drums, Ganz Hall

Psalm Cat: vce, bass, opt: alto sax, 5’, 1999, premiered: Bobby Wilsyn, vce, Ben Willis, b

Say Something: vocal duo, piano, 3-5’, 2022, arrangement of “Say No! to Guns” from Libation, reading: Felecia Payton, Maggie Brown, Miguel De La Cerna, Jazz Institute of Chicago’s New Works, Fresh Voices commission, First Presbyterian Church

Chamber Opera

No One’s Child (née Gbeldahoven: No One’s Child): SATB, pf, cello, percuss., 65-90’, 1995-96, commissioned by National Endowment for the Arts, Lila Wallace Foundation, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Public Library Foundation

Story: Day in the life of Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, and their patron Charlotte Osgood Van Der Veer Quick Mason, 1931, Manhattan

One Act: composer’s libretto, 8 roles: female servant, Langston, Zora, Godmother, Louise, Radio Voice, Alain, Narrator

Aria & poem titles Role/voice Instrumentation
1. Servant’s Muse Female Servant (mezzo) voice, piano
2. But for the Grace of God Langston (baritone) voice, piano
3. How It Feels to be Colored Me Zora (soprano) voice, cello, piano
4. I am Not Tragically Colored Zora (soprano) voice, piano, cello
5. Hell hath no Fury! (recitative) Godmother’s Lesson (aria) Godmother (soprano) Godmother (soprano) voice, piano voice, piano
6. The Mason Room Langston (baritone) voice, piano
7. Litany of Superstitions Zora, Langston, Louise [spoken a cappella]
8. Louise’s Prayer Louise (alto), Langston (b) voices, piano
9. Ain’t Nobody’s Child SATB Chorus/Cast voices, piano
10. Friday Night Louise (alto/mezzo) vce, pf, b, dr
11. Hold out for Joy Radio Voice/SATB chorus vces, perc, pf
12. Hughes Man Langston (baritone) voices, piano
13. Black Pride Alain (tenor) voice, cello
Inside and Out: poem Louise [spoken
Good News Falls Gently: poem Narrator, 3 to 5 dancers [spoken

Baiocchi Albums:

Hammers, Pipes & Strings demo CD: vce, pf, organ music: Regina Harris Baiocchi, producer, 2022, recorded: Oxford, UK, Menlo Park, CA, Chicago, et al. Mark Wolfram, engineer, 2022

Percussing up a Storm: ISU, Regina Harris Baiocchi, JF, producers, [not in print], 2018

Kidstuff: children’s music, Susaami Press, Regina Harris Baiocchi, producer, 2007

Percussing up a Storm: ISU, Regina Harris Baiocchi, JF, producers, [not in print], 2018

Kidstuff: children’s music, Susaami Press, Regina Harris Baiocchi, producer, 2007 WBEZ Studio, Chicago, Mary Gaffney, engineer, 2007

Compilation recordings:

Amore e Tragedie in Musica: Lisa Marie Simmons, Marco Cremaschini, Ropeadope, Regina Harris Baiocchi liner notes, 2020

The Future is Female: Vol.3, First Hand Records, UK, Sarah Cahill, pf, “Piano Poems,” i. common things, ii. cockleburs in wooly hair, iii. beatitudes, iv. candle burns time, by Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2023

Good News: African American Spirituals & Art Songs: AACI/Cambria, “Legends: John Henry,” Othello Jefferson, tenor, Deanne Tucker, perc, words & music by Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2021

Good News Falls Gently: Patricia Morehead, Navona “Good News Falls Gently,” poem, lyrics: Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2011

journeys, places, stories: Tunnel6, Regina Harris Baiocchi reads poem, “Time & Tide” from Tenderman, Tim Bowling, 2011

Kaleidoscope: Leonarda Records, “Equipoise by Intersection,” Regina Harris Baiocchi piano étude #2, Helen Walker-Hill, piano, 1997

Lifescapes: one woman’s journey: Ray-Myra Hilliard, s,  “Godmother’s Lesson,” “How it Feels to be Colored Me,” and “I am Not Tragically Colored,” from No One’s Child, opera by Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2015

Living Voices: Sacred Inspirations, Vol. 1: Sarah Simko, pipe organ, “Doxology,” by Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2019

NoteSpeak 12: Lisa Marie Simmons, Marco Cremaschini, Ropeadope label, Regina Harris Baiocchi liner notes, 2023

Soul of a Singer: Robert Sims, baritone, Eddie Mason, percussion, “Legends: John Henry,” by Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2013

unto thee i burn: Eileen Strempel, soprano, Sylvie Beaudette, piano, “6 e. e. cummings songs,” i. a little word, ii. brain gesture, iii. imagine, iv. house wind, v. love crumbs, vi. i carry your heart with me, by Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2013

Where Freedom Rings: AACI, “Azuretta,” Deanne Tucker, piano, “Legends: John Henry,” Othello Jefferson, tenor, music by Regina Harris Baiocchi, 2018


Sound Meets Sound
Meg Wilhoite interviews Regina

Relevant Tones
Seth Boustead interviews Regina

By Regina Harris Baiocchi

22nd Annual Chicago Humanities Festival: (four articles), October, November 2011 “Tech Knowledge: Writing 9-12th grade study guides for classroom settings,” “Common the rapper and the History of Hip Hop,” “Adventurous Violinist: Rachel Barton Pine,” and “Composing Music in the Digital Age,” October, November 2011

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This article traces origins of indigenous Black music: Work Songs, Spirituals,
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A look at Wheatley, Banneker, Douglass, Johnson Publishing, 3rd World Press, Chicago Defender, Amsterdam News, Target Market News, and the “Black Pack.”

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Gospel music’s “Golden Age” sprang from early twentieth-century Blues seeds. This “Good News” music exploded nationwide from its Midwest epicenter.

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This article considers how this era’s music helped define art, culture, and politics (and vice versa) through sacred and secular forces.

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Dr. Southern’s scholarship as a trailblazing ethnomusicologist and founder of Harvard University’s Black Music Studies Department is featured.

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This US music is presented as 3-way conversation between Africans and African Americans past, present, and future. Forms and encoded messages are explored.

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A thumbnail sketch of one poetic art form that enjoys great popularity among today’s youth, stateside and abroad.

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Introduction to the organization known as Cave Canem: its founders, some participating poets, and an alumna’s writing samples.

about Regina Harris Baiocchi

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